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New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Champagne Water Cooler

As we reflect on 2015 with all the ups and downs it has brought us, we cannot wait for 2016 for a chance to improve ourselves daily.  Here is some humorous inspiration on how you could make a difference each day during this upcoming year!  We hope everyone has a safe, fun, and memorable New … Keep Reading

Bridesmaids Double Feature Part 2: Tricking the Maids, Page 1

After showing your future bridesmaids all the love, another way to their heart as well as your own is through laughter.  You know me… I love to laugh and I thought it would be fun to kick up the process with your girls a notch!! So, why not play a few… you know…. “innocent” pranks? … Keep Reading

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Top Ten Most Ridiculous Questions

After all these years doing weddings, I have heard many things. I have had every type of question put to that me you can possibly imagine. Here are a few of my favorites! 1. (From a Bride) “I have $15,000 for my wedding and 600 guests coming. That should work, shouldn’t it?” My response – … Keep Reading

Best New Years Resolutions

I often wonder how people come up with their New Years resolutions. Many are sincere in their efforts to make changes to their lives. I thought it might be fun to come up with some humorous resolutions for 2013 that we can all laugh at before completely failing at our real ones. Enjoy! Start smoking … Keep Reading

The Twelve Pains of Christmas

THE TWELVE PAINS OF CHRISTMAS Written by Donnie Brown especially for Texas Wedding Guide and republished here. Image via: Warner Brothers Holiday cheer is everywhere, Children are laughing and playing and being perfect little saints in fear that Santa won’t come otherwise. Wait, I’m sorry… that’s wishful thinking! You are about to have a house … Keep Reading

Best Things Overheard at Weddings

As originally published in Texas Wedding Guide by Donnie Brown One thing about weddings that holds true pretty much everywhere I have been. People are drinking and partying and having a great time. You never know what you might overhear from these wedding revelers as the night goes on and the alcohol consumption flourishes. Here … Keep Reading

You Know You Are a Bridezilla If…..

You no longer have fingerprints on your thumb and middle finger from snapping at everyone! You have fired more than one of your bridesmaids. Your floral designer has a video camera recording your follow-up meeting! You drive across town to get the 85 cents you were short changed at the wedding supply store. Your flower … Keep Reading

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