Wedding and Event Lighting

Your event is decorated. The linens and centerpieces are on the tables, the places are set, and the cake is decorated. What is missing? The lights.

“Do we leave the lights up, or do we dim them? If we dim them, how low can we go before all of the reception decorations disappear?”

This is a common question many people ask when the event is about to begin. Most facilities have the ability to adjust the brightness of their room lights. The problem is that the room lights can be dimmed for the whole room, not specific portions. Even then, the level of brightness you desire may be too dim to clearly see the decorations you have spent so much time planning.

Our lighting experts will provide you with wedding and event lights that will take your breath away.

There is a solution, and it is not as expensive as you might think – you just have to plan for it. Custom lighting can give you the exact feel for which you are striving. Gel lights can wash an area with soft, unobtrusive colors for a warm feeling, or with vibrant colors for a more dramatic effect. Discreetly placed can-lights may be used to highlight trees and columns. Twinkle lit ferns make for a festive border on stages (and are good for hiding the band’s wires and cables). Table centerpieces and the bride’s cake are given an extra dramatic flair when lit with pin spots.

For a more casual party environment, we can project geometric shapes on walls, stages, or dance floors. Professionally applied lighting is the final touch that will simply astound your guests and turn an ordinary event into an exciting production.