About Our Company

W. Donnie Brown and the Team Couture are experts in the field of upscale wedding, event, and commercial planning and decor. Each member of the team has been selected based on their experience, professionalism and high expectations. They are the most sought after in their field and published world-wide for their trend-setting minds. The events are perfect, the decor is sublime, the food is always spot on and the clients and guests elated.


Donnie is well known having starred on Style Network’s hit series, “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” during its eleven action packed seasons. He has authored the sensational wedding planning guide entitled “Donnie Brown Weddings: from the couture to the cake” which is sold world-wide. He continues in the spotlight with new shows, guest appearances and new books all in the works.
Based in Dallas, Texas, Donnie and the Team Couture travel all around the world spreading beauty and grace in their path of Perfect Planning and Opulent Events.


Our main phone number is 214-335-7827
Our offices are open from 10 AM until 6 PM Monday through Friday. Appointments are required to meet with an event planner or decor specialist.