How to make sure that you enjoy your wedding day!

Happy Wedding day! This should be the most wonderful twenty-four hours on your entire life! Your guests are here. The plans are in place. Your vendors are booked and confirmed and reconfirmed. You’ve (or your planner) has thought of every last detail. It’s time to let go!

Here are some tips to make sure that you enjoy your wedding day!

1) Wake up refreshed! Seems simple… But SO important. Make sure to schedule your bachelor / bachelorette parties to happen at least a week in advance so you can go to sleep at a reasonable hour the night before the big day!!!!

2) Eat breakfast!!! I know that this is your wedding and you want your gown to fit perfectly, but you also don’t want to pass out from lack of nourishment! A helping of protein and whole grains will prepare you for the long day ahead! Even the very happiest of brides at some point feel overwhelmed, stressed, scared, anxious and jittery. Don’t try to cope with this whirl of emotions on an empty stomach.


3)Make sure you have plenty of time to get ready! If you have a large bridal party, confirm with the hair and make up artists have enough time, if not, make sure they bring assistants! The last thing you want is for them to start rushing and getting stressed, no one can do their best work like that!


4) Wear a shirt or robe that will be easy to remove once you are done! You might think about purchasing robes for the bridal party so everyone is all set!



5) Have your groom make a list of things he needs to do the day of the wedding! then, check his list to make sure he doesn’t forget anything important. Because HE WILL! And, lets face it, bridesmaids are much more helpful than groomsmen when it comes to assisting the couple the day of the wedding!!! Take the stress out of the day and plan ahead!!!

Melanie & Stuart's Pacific Palms Wedding

6) Discuss behavior expectations prior to the big day! That last thing you want to be concerned about is your bridal parties actions. With that being said, roll with it ( if it is not that bad ). Most likely no one will remember their actions, but will definitely remember your response! You don’t want people saying “Yes, the wedding was beautiful but OMG she got so mad during the best man speech”!!!


7) Let the professionals do what they do best! Whether it is the photographer, planner, floral designers or caterer, do not try to micro manage! You have carefully selected them. Let them do their jobs! You need to relax and enjoy your wedding.


8) Wedding Day Survival Kit. If you use it on a daily basis, bring it. If you don’t. Bring it anyway!!!


 9) Let your friends take selfies and pictures of you getting ready, but don’t forget to ask them to not put them on social media just yet. And only after your approval. No Janet Jackson nipple shots allowed.


10) Make sure the DJ or Band knows exactly what you want to play.


11) Confirm with your transportation contact that the a/c or heaters are on while they wait for you! On a hot summer day, nothing could get you out of wedding mood faster that waiting for the car to cool down!!!!


12) Pre Ceremony Pictures: It used to be considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony. Today, many couples ignore this tradition and do a portion of their wedding photography before the ceremony begins. If you are not seeing each other, you may still want to do some of your photography before the wedding with only those people who are allowed to see you. This way you will have less to shoot later. The last thing you want is for lengthy session of post-ceremony photography to keep you from arriving to the reception on time.


At the Reception:

Deep breath moment.

Be careful with alcohol. At least early on.

Don’t do the cake smash! I’m not kidding either!!

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