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How to choose the perfect colors

How to choose your wedding colors! Your color scheme for the wedding has the power to set the mood for your big day, so choose wisely and do not rush to follow a trend! To develop a specific feeling that you want to achieve, talk to your wedding planner early so you can start the … Keep Reading

Perfecting the art of Pinning!

Perfecting the art of Pinning! The Pros and Cons of using Pinterest to Plan your big day! Exploring the pins on Pinterest is a fantastic way to gather inspiration, find articles, look at photos and get great ideas that stand out to you. Once you pin a number of items, you will most likely start … Keep Reading

You’re Engaged! Now what….

  As we welcome the New Year, we here at Donnie Brown Weddings and Events would like to send a sincere thank you to our Brides, our FABULOUS venders and friends for making 2013 such a wonderful year! To all of our beautiful new brides-to-be, Congratulations!!!!  You’ve dreamed of this moment.  You patiently waited for … Keep Reading

Wedding Planning Stress?

  Wedding stress becoming too much? Families fighting over where to have the wedding or how many guests they can invite? Is your budget overblown? Welcome to the party. This happens to every couple no matter who they are or how well financed their bank account. What are your options? Well, the first thing many … Keep Reading