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Wedding Planning Stress?


Wedding stress becoming too much? Families fighting over where to have the wedding or how many guests they can invite? Is your budget overblown? Welcome to the party. This happens to every couple no matter who they are or how well financed their bank account. What are your options? Well, the first thing many couples think about is to just elope and get it over with. This is an option that may well suit you. It would certainly eliminate your immediate problems and achieve your primary goal of getting married. You can go to the justice of the peace, your minister, or head out on the red-eye to Las Vegas where weddings are as quick as blowing your nose. If this is your decision, perhaps you should consider what you will return to. Are there deposits with vendors or a venue you have lost due to the cancellation? Probably. Will your family and friends be as relieved as you are? Probably not. After you have listened to everybody yell at you and cry real tears for missing your nuptials, you will probably then have to start planning a reception to placate those closest to you – and the ball drops again… You are back where you started.

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You might have considered a destination wedding and allow those who would be most hurt by missing your big day a chance to at least make the decision as to whether to follow you or not. A destination wedding is much like eloping but allowing some people to tag along. Now, this doesn’t completely eliminate your problems. Do you have an elderly grandparent who doesn’t fly and therefore will miss it anyway? The chances are pretty good. You will still have to plan and pay for a wedding, although on a smaller scale and for less money than the full blown party you were originally working on. However, you can then merge your wedding and your honeymoon together. Make sure you don’t allow guests to stay on much after the wedding is over. Or, you will have your little nephew Johnny banging on your honeymoon suite door for aunt Kate to come out and play in the water. Destination weddings have their own challenges as well. Depending on the location you select, there can be cultural differences and marriage laws you have to overcome.

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Let’s face it, getting married is more than just the two of you tying the knot. There are two families being joined by your union and they want to be in on it too. From the planning, the budgeting and every other decision you make, family and friends want to put their two cents in and it can be a headache. This may seem like it is all just not worth it, but in the end, you will be married and starting a life together. The stress of planning a wedding may seem extreme at times, but you are also learning some of your first lessons about how to work together as a couple. And, if you think the stress of planning a wedding was difficult, life then throws you one blow after another. This process may have prepared you for the tough times ahead. You have learned a lot about each other in the beginning and can then leave the post-wedding boxing gloves on the shelf most of the time. It is the very nature of living as an adult. Buck it up and make the decisions that encourage your happiness as a couple, be it alone in a judges office or in front of everyone you have ever known and many you don’t. The bottom line is that you are married and that was what that engagement ring was all about.