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How to choose the perfect colors

How to choose your wedding colors!

Your color scheme for the wedding has the power to set the mood for your big day, so choose wisely and do not rush to follow a trend! To develop a specific feeling that you want to achieve, talk to your wedding planner early so you can start the process with theme and colors in place.

Choosing your colors early is important to ensure consistency and a well-coordinated look as a whole. The color scheme is completely up to you, but you will need to take into account your venue, time of year, formality and availability (for flowers, linens, lighting and such). Be careful to not create a scheme with too many colors in combination too. In right now are monochromatic colorations. With this in mind, you can certainly use more than one shade of a color. Perhaps if you go pink, you can use pale or baby pink to bubblegum, and all the way to fuchsia… even red. Also, you can add an entirely different color or two, but consider a main color perhaps with a secondary tone and even a metallic to enhance, but try to leave it at that if at all possible. For instance, you might use green as your main tone with espresso as a secondary and metallic silver to enhance. This is a fabulous combo for a wedding. Too many varying colors can begin to look very casual or even circusy, and nobody wants that for a wedding!!


Below are some tips to help make your decision easier and to guide you to selecting the perfect colors.

1)      Start by looking at your favorite colors, you know, the ones you look at and they just make you smile!

Keep in mind, you can tastefully incorporate any color into your wedding by selecting the right hue! If your favorite color is purple, but you want a vintage spring wedding, a lavender shade might be the best way to go!

Which colors are you drawn to most? Is there more than one? Are they compatible? A good place to start is to look at your wardrobe, of course leaving out all business attire. What are the colors that you see the most? These colors are a good indicator of your general color preference.

2)      Evaluate your venue.

Look at the colors that are already present in your venue, look at the amount of color on the walls, carpet, drapery and linens. If the location has strong colors, you might want to stick with a more neutral color scheme. Not to say that you can’t choose what you want, but a lime green linen will very rarely give the appropriate vibe in a gold and burgundy ballroom.

If you already have your heart set on a strong or bright color, you may want to select a more neutrally decorated site!



3)      Be flexible!

Be prepared to have two variations of your colors if your church and reception venues are different in tone. If you have a colorfully bold church and a neutral reception site, be prepared to be use neutrals or lighter shades at the church then go strong for the reception! You can carry over a consistent look for your day, just be flexible and talk to your wedding planner for ideas!

4)      Be thoughtful of the season

Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide, so let the natural colors of the season be your inspiration. This does not mean you are stuck with baby girl pink in the spring and rust orange in the fall, but try to choose wedding colors the compliment the blooms and foliage that are naturally available during that time of the year.

5)      Remember balance

Always use complementary colors, for instance, if your bridesmaids are wearing all black, the flowers need to be a light color. If you are using a neutral pallet, bring in textures to offset the similar colors. If you use too much color, it can start to feel like a child’s birthday party really fast. So be mindful and balanced.


As always, enjoy this time in your life and if you need any assistance with planning your big day, call us at 214-522-2271. We are here to help.

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