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How to make your bridesmaids feel appreciated.

We all know the big day is about you, there is absolutely no arguing with that! It is your day to celebrate your love for one another in the blessing of marriage! But let us not forget those friends who have stood by you through thick and thin, through happy and sad… These days they are there through all the wedding preparations. These are friends that are with you for a lifetime!


Here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to make your sweet friends feel appreciated for all of their love and support over the years!

1)      Get something monogrammed! Providing a personalized gift is a nice touch for the feeling of inclusion. Some examples are a robe to wear while getting dressed on the big day, a handkerchief to hold or a travel bag for the night before the wedding.  And what girl doesn’t love a monogrammed tote bag? It is a functional and personal gift that the girls can use on the big day and post wedding.

2)      Take time before your wedding, write a little note to each of the bridesmaids expressing why you asked them to be a bridesmaid. Maybe add a funny memory or a sweet story! Let them know how much it means to you to have them stand at your side on this momentous occasion. Give them the letters right before you line up to walk down the aisle.

3)      Make a point to hang out with each one (together or independently) and do something that has nothing to do with the wedding! Sure, casual conversation might encourage wedding talk, but do not base the gathering on wedding plans (for instance, lets grab lunch after you come with me to my floral appointment). You were friends before you were engaged and you want to stay that way after the wedding! Do not make the mistake of only seeing your girlfriends at designated appointments. Everyone needs girl time and an escape from the stress of wedding planning! This will also decrease any prospects of jealousy for your time like in the movie Bridesmaids! Yes, the movie portrayed it in a comical manner, but it is real and it does need to be addressed!

4)      On wedding day, let them… be them! Yes, matching everything on your bridesmaids can look great, but if one has porcelain skin, do not force or pressure her to tan until they look like the others. You didn’t choose to be friends based on looks, you choose them because of what they could offer as a dear friend. Allow them to be them, believe me, they will thank you for it!

Take time to enjoy your friends during this exciting time!!!


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