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Perfecting the art of Pinning!


Perfecting the art of Pinning!

The Pros and Cons of using Pinterest to Plan your big day!

Exploring the pins on Pinterest is a fantastic way to gather inspiration, find articles, look at photos and get great ideas that stand out to you. Once you pin a number of items, you will most likely start noticing a trend that will help you create your style for the big day! It is also a great resource for the wedding professionals to browse new ideas and trends.

… It is also addictive.

How can it not be? One could possibly spend countless hours looking at ALL of the great ideas for favors, pictures, colors, decorations, honeymoon locations and attire. But… I think some make it a personal goal to make EVERYTHING on their Pinterest board, fit into their big day. That can get extremely overwhelming and adds a LOT unnecessary pressure to you and the planner to make everything work.

There are multiple aspect to Pinterest, the first part is searching for what you want! If you only use the wedding category button, you could go into idea overload and waste a lot your time! Use the search button, it is there for a reason!!! Be specific in your searching, not just “Pink Wedding Ideas”, but “Pink Floral Centerpieces” ect…

The second aspect is organizing your pins. Here is a small list of how to pin wisely:

1)      Create two boards: The “Must include” board and the “Fun wedding ideas” board. Commit to pinning to the appropriate board.

2)      One VERY useful tip is to create a private board of inspiration and give your planner access to the page, that way you do not have to print, email or share the photos!

3)      When working with wedding professionals, bring the “Must have” pictures first, then once the big picture is coming together, try to incorporate the fun little details.

4)      Create time for pinning in your day. Enjoy your pinning time, then take a break (could be a break from Pinterest or move to a different genre)!

5)      Remember, the pins are for inspiration, not necessarily for copying. If you want to copy an idea, that is fantastic, but do not be afraid to take the idea and morph it to fit you and your groom!

6)      Be aware that some pins are staged and not realistic for your event.

7)      The MOST important tip is to take the pictures for what they are worth. Instead of thinking “I like this look; this is what I want”, transition your thought to process to be more detailed in what you like about the photo, for example “I like the lighter color scheme on the table linens with the bold color on the chargers”.

Finally, to become a Pinterest Guru, the most important thing is to sometimes get off Pintrest!!! Yes I know that the site is easy  to navigate, but remember that all of the pins come from other sources. Do not be afraid to venture to those other sources, whether it be magazines, editorial features or wedding related blogs. Most sites post a few pictures to Pinterest but there are A LOT more out there on the original source!

***Most likely what you pin, so has someone else! So if you are wanting to make your day truly one of a kind, dig a little deeper, venture to the other sources and enjoy this brainstorming time!!!

With that said, have fun pinning and make sure to follow the Donnie Brown Pinterest page at


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