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Fall 2015 Color Trends

It’s that time of year again — the fall 2015 Color Trends from Pantone. Colors for fall, my favorite time of year. The air cools, the rich harvest smells, the fireplaces burning, and of course the unique colors are wonderful. Enjoy these options for your wedding! Dried Herb, an olive shade, makes for a perfect … Keep Reading

Top 5 Wedding Don’ts

As a wedding planner, my job is to impart wisdom on my brides and help guide them through the planning process.  Through many years of experience, I have seen brides make mistakes.  Here is a list of the top 5 wedding don’ts for brides.  I hope this list helps you avoid making these mistakes. 5. … Keep Reading

All About That Dress

The day has finally arrived. You have your first appointment to try on a wedding gown for the first time ever. It is sure to be a momentous occasion. The most important decision is of course which gown to select. But second and almost as crucial is who you take along for the fitting. Mother? … Keep Reading

The B Word

To the world, the ‘B’ word has an exclusive definition that I dare not repeat. However, in the world of weddings and events the ‘B’ word is still one that is difficult to cough up but, one that is core to accomplishing a clients vision. The first matter to address when meeting a new and … Keep Reading

Escort Cards, Place Cards, & Seating Charts, Oh My!

Escort cards and place cards aren’t the same thing??  Most of our brides confuse them as one and the same, which is a common assumption.   In reality, escort cards and place cards are two completely different printed materials, although they can both be used together in some weddings. Escort cards assign your guests to a … Keep Reading

Through thick and thin

Popular wedding bands vary all the time. Styles change like the seasons. For now, thin is in! After all, what better than a thin setting to make the stone look even larger! Recently, as wedding bands become thinner, they are now being referred to as “Halos”.  Basically, a halo ring is a ring with smaller … Keep Reading

The Hangover Brunch!!!

Having resources like Pinterest, magazines, celebrity blogs, and television shows makes it virtually impossible to host a one-of-a kind wedding! Most likely, someone will have seen something in your wedding from some place else; a simply reality. Do not fear though… One thing that will set your event apart is the guest experience. When planning, keep … Keep Reading

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