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Escort Cards, Place Cards, & Seating Charts, Oh My!

Escort cards and place cards aren’t the same thing??  Most of our brides confuse them as one and the same, which is a common assumption.   In reality, escort cards and place cards are two completely different printed materials, although they can both be used together in some weddings.

Escort cards assign your guests to a TABLE.  They are generally organized alphabetically and are easy for guests to find.  They are easy to set up, are a great way to incorporate your theme and colors; and you can be as creative as you want in their presentation.  You can create simple cards and include a small little favor with them, or you can take a more creative approach.  One of our brides from last summer had an affinity for fortune cookies, so she displayed the escort card with an assigned fortune cookie that held the guests’ table number inside of the cookie.  Another creative way you can display your escort cards is through floral walls by pinning the cards to the flowers for an aesthetically pleasing display.  Escort cards can however become somewhat costly as each card adds up along with whatever else you may choose to go along with it.  The fun thing about escort cards is it is a great keepsake for your guests to take home, especially if you incorporate a wedding favor with it.  You can also be as inventive as you want with the table names the guests are assigned to, which can add a great personal touch.


Place cards inform your guests where to find their specific SEAT.  The helpful touch they add is the ability for you to choose exactly where each guest sits, so that guests who do not get along won’t sit near each other.  This however can cause a lot of stress during the mapping and placement process.  You can be just as creative with place cards as with escort cards and can infuse your personality and personal style.  Themes and wedding colors are again easily accentuated with place cards.  Unfortunately, it may force your guests to walk around to find their seats and it may be difficult for some to find.  Place cards are also more difficult to set up as your planner has to follow a diagram and place the cards according to said diagram.  The cost for place cards can really add up, especially if you choose to use escort cards along with the place cards. Using both can however help your guests find their place card more easily as their table number or name is listed.  Place cards are also another great keepsake for your guests to take home and remember your special day.



Seating charts are typically ONE large list of all the tables and all your guests assigned to each table at your wedding.  You can list the tables and then alphabetize the guests assigned to that table or you can have your guests listed alphabetically with their table listed beside their name.  Unique frames, chalkboards, old windows, and many other creative options can be used to display this list.  Seating charts are typically less expensive than escort cards or place cards as you don’t have to print hundreds of escort or place cards. They also make for an easier job of keeping track of as you only have the one list.  These charts are clear, concise, and organized and make it very easy for your guests to find their table.  Theme and colors again can be beautifully highlighted through a seating chart and you can be very creative with your table names and make it personal to your story.  Guests however do not gain a keepsake to take home, but the seating chart itself is a great keepsake for you and your new husband!  One unique idea for a seating chart is to use an old window and separate tables by the window panes, printing on each glass pane.  This separates the tables into clear and concise sections, as to not confuse guests.  Seating charts can be a really neat idea for display decor for your wedding.



Some of our brides choose to use combinations for their wedding.  Escort cards and place cards are used together many times in order to make place cards less confusing and hard to find.  You can be innovative and make the escort cards and place cards match or compliment each other for a very cute and unique souvenir for your guests.  Other weddings incorporate seating charts with place cards.  Again it makes it easier for guests to find their seat and can be simpler than adding escort cards with them.  In one of our weddings, a bride used escort cards and incorporated a diagram of all the tables so guests could find each table more easily.  The tables were all given creative and personal names to the couple’s unique love story and the diagram successfully showed where each specific table was located in the reception.



Whichever printed material you choose or whatever combination, use your creativity and let your individuality shine.  Use this as a great excuse to go all out for your big day and to play up your theme.  Have fun picking them out and don’t forget how they differ!


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