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A Few Tips for Buying a Wedding Gown

Buying a wedding gown may seem a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you decide what to choose.

  1. An overall principle is to choose a gown that moves the silhouette as close to a proportionate hourglass figure as possible. For example, if you are short-waisted, try a drop waist. If you are petite, an empire waist gown will elongate your frame.
  2. If you prefer no waist in your gown, an empire or princess seam is the best choice.
  3. An A-Line skirt is flattering for most body types.
  4. Many women think they cannot wear a strapless gown; however, it is truly the easiest neckline to wear. It’s all in the fit. In order to keep the gown from sliding down, it should be altered to fit snugly on the hip. It will not help if the fit of the gown is tight at the breast.
  5. When selecting couture, rather than off-the-rack, expect the price tag to be at least $5,000. Although, don’t be shocked if the cost starts climbing upwards to $25,000.
  6. Crystals, stones, beads, pearls and jewels – embellishments are in these days. May brides shop for a simple dress and have it custom-embellished to turn an ordinary gown into something truly extraordinary!
  7. Note that there are twelve shades of white, starting with stark white, and ending in antique. When selecting your gown color, take your skin tone heavily into account. If you are fair complected, a stark white could clash with your skin coloring. You would be better off in a shade of ivory. If you have medium skin with pink tones, a creamier color may work best for you. If you have dark skin, gravitate to white!
  8. Schedule a minimum of three fittings to get the gown perfect. Take into consideration your monthly cycle, water weight gain, and the probable temperature and humidity on your wedding day. These are all important factors in selecting your gown.
  9. Lace up gowns will cost less since they can be tightened to provide a better fit.

Buying a wedding gown does not need to be stressful. Most importantly, find something that is flattering and that you just love. It is your big day and you want to look your best! Enjoy the process!