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Fall 2015 Color Trends

It’s that time of year again — the fall 2015 Color Trends from Pantone. Colors for fall, my favorite time of year. The air cools, the rich harvest smells, the fireplaces burning, and of course the unique colors are wonderful. Enjoy these options for your wedding!

Dried Herb, an olive shade, makes for a perfect fall wedding color.  Earthy and chic, this hue can be played up in the floral aspects.  This pairs beautifully with golds, yellows, and even grays.

Pantone Dried HerbPantone Dried Herb Examples


Desert Sage, a greenish-gray color, gives a very natural feel for wedding decor.  This cool and timeless shade is prevalent in succulents and can create a subdued, yet elegant wedding.

Pantone Desert Sage


Stormy Weather, a gray-blue shade, reminiscent of the sky during a storm, won’t rain down your wedding.  Cool, and overcast, this color is beautiful with other neutral colors and create a beautiful and memorable wedding.

Pantone Stormy Weather Pantone Stormy Weather Examples


Oak Buff, a golden-yellow, is a perfect choice for a fall wedding.  Like honey or the golden leaves in Autumn, this warm shade exhibits comfort, even if the weather is cooling off quickly.

Pantone Oak Buff Pantone Oak Buff Examples


Marsala, a wine hue, and Pantone Color of the Year, is a very rich and sophisticated color that plays beautifully with golds and neutrals.  This finesse shade will bring a bright warmth to any fall soirée.

Pantone Marsala Pantone Marsala Examples


Biscay Bay, a teal watercolor shade, brings a pop of color to any fall wedding.  Lush and serene, this color would make for a beautiful peacock wedding with its exuberating confidence.

Pantone Biscay Bay Pantone Biscay Bay Examples


Reflecting Pond, a cool shade of Bilberry, brings an elegant touch to a fall affair.  Golds and metallics will beautifully contrast with this elegant hue.

Pantone Reflecting Pond Pantone Reflecting Pond Examples


Cadmium Orange, reminiscent of Creamsicle orange, brings a playful and cheerful feeling to a fall wedding.  Warm, welcoming, and a nod to the 60’s and 70’s, this fun shade would be gorgeous for an October pumpkin affair.

Pantone Cadnium Orange Pantone Cadmium Orange Examples


Cashmere Rose, a delectable rosy pink, also reminiscent of the 60’s, creates a very soft, composed, and classy affair.  Like an English tea rose, this poignant hue adds a beautiful, yet subdued pop of color with purples, grays, and greens.

Pantone Cashmere Rose Pantone Cashmere Rose Examples


Amethyst Orchid, a striking and vibrant hue of purple, can create a bold and exciting fall wedding.  This intriguing and enigmatic shade pairs beautifully with grays and metallics as well as greenery.

Pantone Amethyst Orchid Pantone Amethyst Orchid Examples


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