The Ring: Was It What You Expected?

Not only do most girls plan their wedding day since they’re little girls, but they also envision (and do research) on what they want to show off to their friends, I mean, carry on their fingers for the rest of their lives as a symbol of love and commitment. Do you give subtle hints to your future fiancé of what you like? Do you go ring shopping together? Do you not say anything at all and hope he has figured out your taste when the time comes? Here are three women who had an idea of what they might want, but fell in love with the ring their significant other chose for them…

Engagement Ring

“I knew I always wanted a marquise diamond, but I was pretty open to the style of the ring. I knew I did not want a thick band and absolutely no gold! I dropped hints like crazy by going on Pinterest and saying, “OH, look at this ring. Isn’t it nice!” I didn’t want to tell him what to get me though because I wanted it to be special and a surprise. I told him he could design and get me whatever he wanted because what’s important is that I get to marry him, but I did tell him NO GOLD! When I first saw my ring, I thought ‘WOW! This ring is absolutely gorgeous.’ I literally was speechless because it’s a stunning ring; everything I could have ever wanted. He went above and beyond and it is even more than I could imagine. It’s perfect in every way, shape, and form. It’s the same cut and type of style I imagined! Maybe he does know me better than I think.”  — Lauren, 25

Engagement Ring“I always imagined a pretty simple, solitaire diamond type ring for myself. This style was always attractive to me mainly because my personal style is pretty simple and I thought that would be a good match for me. Although I would ALWAYS search and pin pretty rings on my secret Pinterest board, I always knew that whatever ring I got on that special day from my future husband would be the perfect ring because HE chose it. The ring that I got (and love) was a three stone diamond ring. When I first saw my ring I was overwhelmed at how shiny and beautiful it was! It was not at all what I expected [him] to choose for me… mainly because I felt the ring was WAY more glamorous that I am! Before he purchased the ring or started looking, I had mentioned a couple of things to him about what I did not like, but we both agreed that we did not want to go ring shopping together because we wanted this to reflect what he wanted to get for me. It was and I’m so happy with it. It’s a timeless ring that I know I’ll love forever.” — Franchesca, 28

Engagement Ring“I wasn’t the kind of girl who had her wedding planned out at a young age, and that includes the ring. I never really thought about what my ring would look like. My husband knew my basic preferences as far as jewelry goes: I prefer silver over gold and understated jewelry over flashy statement pieces. I like the fact that my proposal and ring were a total surprise. I think if we had went ring shopping together, I would have gone crazy waiting for the proposal at every dinner date and every time he got dressed up. I also like the idea that my ring is something he chose for me, not something I forced him to buy to get me to say “yes”. Picking the ring out beforehand or dictating carat size or style requirements seems more like a business deal than a romantic proposal for marriage. Overall, I think my husband did well in picking out my ring!” –Allison, 26

Was your engagement ring what you expected?  Tell us your story!