I Do/ I Don’t

Because infographics are fun to read, here’s an infographic all about marriage and divorce statistics!  Hope you enjoy! Some interesting highlights: Almost half of marriages end in divorce…it’s really sad! Southern & Western states tend to get married more times than Northern & Midwestern states. Women are more likely to get married than men, and … Keep Reading

Dancing Through The Night

Just as the music for your ceremony is important in setting the mood and establishing the event, your music choices for your reception make just as much of a statement.  Look for songs that accentuate your personalities and that establish the tone of the evening.  Your entrance song should be something catchy and exciting to … Keep Reading

Dancing Down The Aisle

As your ceremony is a critically important part of your wedding celebration, your choice of music is extremely important.  It sets the mood and can accentuate your personalities and your story as a couple.  Just as there are several different ways you can execute your ceremony, there are many different genres of music you can … Keep Reading

Spring 2015 Color Trends

Spring 2015 brings a cool and airy line of color trends.  The prominent colors as according to Pantone are: Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard, Marsala, & Glacier Gray.  Keep a look out for these colors in the upcoming weddings.  Here is a taste of the colors to … Keep Reading

Christmas Around the World

Ever wondered how to wish someone Happy Holidays in another country/culture?  Then today is your lucky day!  We have compiled a list of some different countries/cultures that differ from the American Christmas.  Now you can reach out to your international friends and impress them with this new-found knowledge!  Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom! … Keep Reading

Donnie’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again!  I know you’re busy trying to find the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones.  So to make your life slightly easier, I have compiled a list of my favorites for this holiday season. They are in all different price ranges. Everyone can find something perfect in this … Keep Reading

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

Your guests are an important part of your wedding.  They help you celebrate the start of your new life together and make your wedding a night to remember.  Perhaps this is why guest books have become so important.  Unlike in the past, brides today are becoming more unconventional and are diverting from tradition.  There are … Keep Reading

Bridesmaids Double Feature Part 2: Tricking the Maids, Page 1

After showing your future bridesmaids all the love, another way to their heart as well as your own is through laughter.  You know me… I love to laugh and I thought it would be fun to kick up the process with your girls a notch!! So, why not play a few… you know…. “innocent” pranks? … Keep Reading

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