Spring 2015 Color Trends

Spring 2015 brings a cool and airy line of color trends.  The prominent colors as according to Pantone are: Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard, Marsala, & Glacier Gray.  Keep a look out for these colors in the upcoming weddings.  Here is a taste of the colors to look forward to this quickly approaching wedding season.

Aquamarine, a cool & airy shade of blue, is reminiscent of the sky.  This dreamy color is a gorgeous pastel that can make your fairy-tale wedding come true.  Just slip on your Cinderella gown with your glass slippers & you’ll be dancing in the clouds.  This color is also a great stress reducer for those of you who want to enjoy a calm & breathtaking soirée.

Scuba Blue is a vibrant & playful hue of blue.  This exotic & tropical color pairs well with pinks & other pastels.  Vases in this color are so unique and bring a gorgeous pop of color in your decor. Take a dive & enjoy your wedding in paradise.

Lucite Green is a refreshing breath of fresh air.   This cool mint shade pairs beautifully with whites, creams, golds, greenery, & other natural colors.  It makes for a stunning envelope color for your invitations & pairs so elegantly with greenery.  Don’t forget to include some “mint to be” favors as a perfect complement!

Classic Blue, a classy and confident shade of blue can create a simple elegance in your wedding.  This color can play up a vintage feel in your china and table settings.  The fresh antique vibe it conveys can bring a harmonious pop of color, especially when paired with gorgeous lace.

Toasted Almond is a warm and natural neutral that can bring a timeless element to your wedding.  Neutral palettes have been huge in the past year for weddings, & this shade does not disappoint.  If you are going for an elegant, yet organic look, this color is a perfect choice!  It pairs beautifully with many different floral arrangements, including trees.

Strawberry Ice, a charming and pleasant pink, can add a subtle pop of color in your decor.  This is a great way to play up a neutral palette & gives off an enchantingly feminine vibe.  Add this color to your bouquet and you are sure to please!

Tangerine is a tangy ball of fun.  This shade of orange is a positively energizing pop of color in your florals.  It pairs beautifully with Scuba Blue to make for a tropical event.  Reminiscent of an old summer day with a dreamsicle, this color is sure to entertain!

Custard brings a cheery & sunny disposition, guaranteeing a gleeful atmosphere.  Subtle, yet bright, this shade is a wonderful pop of color with neutrals or grays.  This color is sure to leave a smile on your guests’ faces.

Marsala is a sensual and bold shade that can create an extremely sophisticated soirée.  Bold & confident, it’s no wonder this color was chosen as the Color Of The Year!  This rich & robust wine red perfectly compliments neutrals as a bold pop of color.  It looks stunning when used with Aquamarine, Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, or Custard.  Let this earthy tone seduce you and your guests as it has the hearts of the fashion world.

Glacier Gray is a timeless shade of gray.  It looks stunning as furniture or bridesmaids dresses, as well as traditional invitations.  This unobtrusive hue when paired with a pop of color such as Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Strawberry Ice, or Marsala will create a delicate and eloquent event.


The secondary colors for Spring 2015 are as follows:


Dusk Blue

Treetop (darker) & Woodbine (yellow/green)



Lavender Herb


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