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Bridesmaids Double Feature Part 1: Popping the Question to Your Maids

Have a bridesmaid that lives far away and you don’t want to pay for postage? Not to worry.  You can always “pop” the question online.  Make a cute picture slide show video with all your favorite pictures of the two of you!  Include your favorite song together and email it to her or post it online.  She will love the customization of it and the time and effort it took for you to create it.  Skype and FaceTime are other great options to help you ask her.  Make a cute sign and show it off to her when you talk to her on there.  Take a few screen shots to capture your beautiful work of art and her joyful reaction.  These moments are candid and a great snapshot to add to your wedding scrapbook.  You can also mail her something to ask your question but tell her to wait until you video chat to open it.  This way you can see her reaction and capture the moment.