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Bridesmaids Double Feature Part 1: Popping the Question to Your Maids

People absolutely love receiving either a letter or package in the mail.  It makes them feel special and excited.  Why not surprise your girls with your question through the mail?  One option is to send a cute little note with a cute poem.  Another is to send a catchy pop-up card to catch their attention.  You might also consider creating a custom MadLibs or crossword puzzle to surprise them with your question.  Food is another way to any girl’s heart.  Send your future maids some adorable cupcakes from a bakery like Sprinkles for an adorable touch. Cookie puzzles or non-edible puzzles can also accomplish the deed.  Just include a super cute picture of you with your girls with the question they have been waiting for.  Custom M&M’s, with  “Bridesmaid?” printed on them, is another sweet touch.  You can also order monogrammed clutches for your bridesmaids to use at your wedding so everyone matches.  Most of the ideas listed in the previous section can also be sent through the mail.