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Bridesmaids Double Feature Part 1: Popping the Question to Your Maids

For a more personal touch, ask your maids in person to accept their role in your wedding.  One great idea is to get custom jewelry for your girls.  You can order necklaces, bracelets, or rings with their initials or with your wedding date.  If your maids prefer baked goods, opt for a cupcake in a jar with a cute note.  You can also bake or order some yummy cookies or cupcakes to aid you in asking them the big question.  Cookie cakes and cookie puzzles also add a fun touch.  why not create survival kits to make it through your big day!  Or ask with nail polish kits or custom hangers with their name on them or simply, “bridesmaid” for customization. For wine lovers, custom wine bottles with your favorite picture can be a sweet surprise.  Some additional unique options include a puzzle spelling out the question, a balloon with confetti containing your note inside, or even a custom fragrance.  Day planners are another perfect idea so you can make sure all your bridesmaids keep track of events and important dates in preparation for your big day. An option we love is to “propose” the question with a ring! Ring-pop proposals are adorable and clever and oh so yummy. Especially when you both have red tongues! Make sure you get down on one knee and profess your love to your girlfriends.  It will melt their hearts! That is if you can do it with a straight face! Last but not least, you can “pop” the question with a bottle of bubbly.  What is a better way to celebrate becoming a bridesmaid than drinking some Champagne?  As you can see, there are a multitude of options when asking your maids in person and the creativity never ends.