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Necktie, Bow Tie, or No Tie

For wedding fashion, the bride may be the main centerpiece, but the groom also plays a role in the final look of the wedding.  There are many different looks the groom can take on to play up his personal preferences and fashion choices.  In particular, one component with multiple choices is the groom’s choice of tie.  When paired with a suit, a groom can either decide between a traditional suit tie, a modern bow tie, or no tie at all.  Each option can help complement not only just the groom’s inclination and disposition, but also the theme of the wedding as well as the location.

Neckties are the traditional, old-timey type of tie.  Created sometime during the 17th century, they have evolved many times into the traditional tie we know today.  They are very classic and have been highly stylish for decades.  Sleek and sexy, neckties can be matched to the vest worn under the groom’s suit and are traditionally tucked into this vest. There are many different ways your groom can tie this type of tie.  The four most common ways to tie include the Windsor, the half Windsor, Four in Hand, & Pratt Knots.  There are a variety of colors & designs to choose from that can complement your wedding colors & theme.  If you’re going for a classic and charming look for your nuptials, the necktie is a great choice for your groom’s attire!


Bow ties are the modern, fun twist on the traditional tie that give a more formal feeling.  The bow tie emphasizes your neck rather than chest and draws more attention to your face.  They are short and stylish with many different options to choose from.  Originating in the 19th century and evolving from the cravat, several different celebrities and American presidents have rocked bow ties and looked handsomely classy.  One American president in particular known for wearing its predecessor, the cravat, is Abraham Lincoln himself.  Some great American favorites including Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Orville Redenbacher, and even the modern Bill Nye the Science guy have all proudly worn bow ties to dress up their style. Self-tie, pre-tied, and clip-on are the main options they come in.  Bow ties also come in many different colors and designs and can help accentuate your wedding colors and theme as well. Suspenders also add a great touch to his ensemble. Your groom will be well-dressed in a bow tie if you’re going for a look of modern sophistication.


If your man feels uncomfortable in a tie, opt for him to not wear one!  For a more casual beach soirée or even a rustic barn affair, your groom can skip the tie and focus more on the suit.  Let him undo a couple of shirt buttons for a more casual effect and your groom can look extremely modern and sexy.  Custom silk shirts can also create a fabulous ensemble for your groom’s attire, guaranteeing he does not need a tie to dress it up.  Let your man skip on the tie for a more laid-back ceremony and let him focus on other areas of his attire.


Allow your groom to enjoy picking out his suit for your big day.  Encourage him to keep your theme and colors in mind and let him express his own personal style.  Most importantly, let your groom find something he feels great in.  It’s not just the biggest day of your life, but his as well.

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