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Risqué and Frisque


How to be intriguing without giving up all your goods


Pictures are worth a thousand words, but you can leave your man speechless with just one shot, if it’s the right one. Photographs can last a lifetime and giving your husband-to-be a special gift before you say your I-Do’s could set that lifetime off a little frisky and fun.



Historically boudoir was a ladies room used for bathing, dressing, preparing one’s self, or activities like embroidery, sewing, and spending alone time with your partner. “It’s no secret that boudoir photography has made quite the comeback in recent years,” says Emily Mamone, a bridal boudoir photographer. The longer boudoir is around the more the clothes are coming off.

Pictures are becoming much more risqué, but you don’t want to give it all up. Teasing is always a fun game to play.


When taking a picture don’t lose all of those beautiful clothes. “Simply put, boudoir photography is all about a woman feeling her sexiest and most confident in whatever she is wearing,” Mamone says. “For some, it may mean a flirty outfit like a tank top and conservative boy shorts whereas, for others, it may mean that ultra sexy silk satin or lace lingerie.”


Boudoir photographer Emily Mamone gave us a few tips for ladies thinking about boudoir that are sure to get you ready for your close up. First is devotion. Challenge yourself to commit to it early; so, when it comes time to take your pictures, you are ready and comfortable with the thought. As well, give yourself enough time to edit your images prior to the wedding. Second, get creative! Your picture does not have to be in lingerie. Your man must have a favorite sport, team, or hobby you could play into, even a man’s dress shirt can send him whirling. You must also be clever and avoid tight-fitting undergarments that will leave impressions you don’t want.


The most important tip is to be confident! As Mamone says, “don’t think you are beautiful, KNOW you are beautiful. He loves you, all of you.” Relax, have fun, and indulge yourself. Drink a glass of champagne, get your hair done, have your makeup done. Its a special and rare experience. Go all out. You’ll be sure to drop his jaw when you feel your best and look your best. Risqué, frisky, innocent or anything in between your hubby will love because it is from you, the woman he loves.


At Donnie Brown Weddings, we have had several brides do this for the groom. The album is usually delivered to him the morning of the wedding. We have seen the looks on their faces first hand. There is nothing quite like it. It must be kept secret and not shared with anyone else. This is a private thing between the new husband and wife. Do it with good taste and make a treasured keepsake for the groom for years to come.

All Photography by The Mamones

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