Fall Winter 2014-15 Color Trends

Fall 2014 through winter 2015 has a line of unusual color trends.  The prominent colors as according to Pantone are: Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Aluminum, Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, Sangria, Muave Mist, Cognac, Bright Cobalt, & Cypress.  These colors will also help shape the trending wedding colors for the season.  Here is a taste of the colors to look forward to this Fall and winter.


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Radiant Orchid, a captivating shade, seems to be the most prominent color choice this Fall and winter.  Radiant Orchid looks gorgeous in floral and decor and pairs very well with any neutrals or browns, including Cognac.



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Royal Blue is a classic color, warmly welcomed as a trend.  This color is a little brighter than navy blue and pairs absolutely beautifully with greens and neutrals.  For a fall and winter color, Royal Blue can really play up the greenery of an outdoor wedding and create a majestic event.

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Aluminum is a wonderful neutral that would create a stunning event.  As neutrals have been a popular choice for weddings within the past year, this is a new twist on neutrals.  It allows you to play up silvers and metallic colors, while you can add a pop of bright color as an accent color.  Aluminum also just gives off a classy and simple vibe.



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Aurora Red is a stunning shade encompassing reddish and orange hues.  It is an absolute gorgeous fall and winter color, blending with the colors of the leaves.  With flowers in this shade blended with red and orange flowers, your wedding will scream Autumn.  This shade pairs very well with greens, light blues, and neutrals.



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Misted Yellow is a bright and cheery yellow that can add a fabulous pop of color to your wedding.  This beautiful shade looks dashing with blacks, grays, and even whites.  Sunflowers are a gorgeous fall flower that can play up this color theme.



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Sangria is an exciting take on red that will make your big day seem like an adventure.  This wine-shaded color looks stunning when paired with golds and metallic colors.  Greens and other shades of pinks also really help this color pop.



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Mauve Mist is a soft and elegant shade of purple that will create the utmost elegance for your affair.  This subdued shade of purple looks amazing with silver accents as well as other neutrals.  Pair this with greenery and grays and your event will give off a calm and classy vibe.



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Cognac is a rich and classy pick for any fall or winter wedding.  This stunning shade of brown is partly metallic and pairs beautifully with green and other neutrals.  For an organic look, this shade is perfect!  Use natural wood and greenery to convey this earthy theme.



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Bright Cobalt is a beautiful twist on cobalt that will brighten up your elegant affair.  This shade is a fun and bright color that would look amazing in a peacock theme.  When paired with Cypress it delivers a stunning ensemble.  Bright Cobalt also pairs well with metallic colors, like aluminum and golds, for a very classy affair.



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Cypress is a majestic green that adds an earthy feel to any wedding and pairs well with Radiant Orchid as an accent color.  This shade looks breathtaking with purples, Radiant Orchid, Bright Cobalt, and other neutrals.  When paired with Cognac, your wedding can become beautifully organic and natural, similar to the colors in a forest.  Creams can also really accentuate this powerful shade of green.



From: Pantone.com

From: Blog.thingsfestive.com

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