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Royal Shower…. Maybe?

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Rumor has it that Prince William and Kate could possibly be expecting a royal bundle, a twin bundle at that! Now we know how rumors are. They might be true and then again, they might not!! But, in the mean time it is fun to start guessing about what they might do to celebrate with a shower, isn’t it? The rumor mill began after the Duchess visited a UNICEF office, where she declined sampling an aid food package that contained peanut butter. Not enough evidence to run with you say? Well, FYI, pregnant women are advised to stay away from peanuts as it may lead to allergies in their children and yes, I extracted this information from some ‘fine print’ I came across. It couldn’t possibly be first hand information from ‘The Don’ himself, LOL. I thought it would be plenty fun to contrive what a royal baby shower may look like, particularly the menu. Come along loves!


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To accommodate royal attendees with a tad bit more mileage than Kate, I would infuse old English traditions, high teas to be exact with a youthful spin. Selecting a neutral color palette would be the way forward especially if Kate is not wanting to disclose the babies’ sexes. Let us remember that Kate is still a young lady with a tub full of ‘jazziness’ hence the need to keep it fun, yet functional. I imagine a long table, dressed in dainty stackable teacups like my good friend Martha Stewart illustrated before.


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Celebrity chef, Peter Callahan’s magnificent miniature foods would be my personal choice for the mother-to-be. His approach to food is out of this world! While the queen sips on her Earl Grey tea and thin crust cucumber sandwiches, Kate and her girlfriends could sip on miniature Cokes and cocktails, savor oysters and tacos, all in the same breath. Amidst all these delightful bites, dare I forget to add some quality baby shower games. For the love of God, girls just want to have fun, and, that includes Kate too!


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Now that we’ve considered what might happen, let’s sit back and wait for the big announcement. Perhaps it will come and perhaps not, but we certainly hope so. Great Grandma Liz is in desperate need of a baby or two to diaper…. I mean oversee the diapering that is! Hip Hip!

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