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The Perfect Turkey!!!!

Thanksgiving is upon us once again. We always look forward to this time of the year. Family, friends, food, football…. all the F-WORDS. Don’t you just love it???

Are you one of those people who are afraid of roasting their own turkey? I used to be one too. However, several years ago I started attempting to create the perfect turkey and after many trials, I believe I have. It is moist, juicy and so aromatic, you just won’t believe it. Try this for your holiday table and see if you don’t just WOW your guests but good!

Port Basted Roast Turkey With Pan Gravy Epicurious

Donnie’s Terribly Terrific Turkey!

1 Butterball roasting turkey (1 – 1.5 pounds per person)
2 C White Dry Wine
2 Sticks Butter
1 Granny Smith Apple
Several Sprigs of Cilantro
Several Basil Leaves
1 sprig Rosemary
4 Cloves Fresh Garlic
1 T Paprika
1 t Cayenne Pepper
1 T Dried mustard Powder
Course Salt to Taste

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Rinse the turkey and pat dry. Remove the innards bag. Place turkey in roasting pan and lay the innards around the edges or boil separately to make stock. Soften one stick of the butter and spread a nice coating on the outer skin of the bird. Salt and season the outer skin and the inner cavity with the Course Salt (relatively heavily), the Paprika, Cayenne Pepper and Dried Mustard Powder. Cut up the apple in 8ths and place inside the cavity along with the herbs. Place the bird in the oven for 20 minutes at 400. Remove and cover the breast section with heavy-duty foil leaving the legs and thighs exposed. Replace in oven at a reduced 350 degrees and roast. Melt the remaining butter with the white wine and pour over the bird and into the cavity. Roast until the thigh meat reaches 120 degrees. At that point remove the foil and continue roasting until the thigh registers 150. Between the 120 and 150 mark, baste with a turkey baster every 15 minutes using the drippings and butter wine mixture that is in the cavity and in the pan bottom. Once it reads 150 remove the bird and cover completely until it reads 155. Your bird is ready to go.

I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!

Donnie, Matt and the Crew Couture!

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