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Through thick and thin

Popular wedding bands vary all the time. Styles change like the seasons. For now, thin is in! After all, what better than a thin setting to make the stone look even larger!


Recently, as wedding bands become thinner, they are now being referred to as “Halos”.  Basically, a halo ring is a ring with smaller diamonds encircling the center stone. The term “halo” is used because the center stone looks like it has a halo.

These rings are inspired by the vintage essence they give off. A thin band with a big diamond is THE thing! Women say that the small band makes the diamond look bigger and more bold on their hand. And while vintage has made a comeback, it is not only shown in the style of our rings, but also the clothes we wear, the lingo we use, and the way we embellish our decor in our homes and offices. Well, some of us anyway!



We all love bling, don’t we????  Other trends making their début are wedding rings with colored diamonds or sapphires or other stones. This is also a very vintage thing as a white diamond has only been the norm for the past century. Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie are helping fuel the fire of the sapphire. The emerald-cut is the most popular cut of these rings today, however, you can get them in other shapes as well.

White gold and platinum were the roaring colors, but that is waning a bit these days. Today, you will see just as many of the yellow gold and rose gold as white or silver. It is a vintage twist on modern style. If you decide to go gold, make sure it is pure. Carats are indicative of how pure the gold in your setting is. The purest gold can be is 24 carats. Gold is mixed with other metals to make it cheaper and sometimes more malleable. Rose gold is made with copper to give it its warm red color and gold can be made with zinc, nickel, or palladium.

Rings are a symbol of eternal love for one another because they have no definite start or end. Every woman’s ring is different and unique in their own special way, just like their relationship. Vintage is in, but unique is the most important thing to consider.


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