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The Hangover Brunch!!!

Having resources like Pinterest, magazines, celebrity blogs, and television shows makes it virtually impossible to host a one-of-a kind wedding! Most likely, someone will have seen something in your wedding from some place else; a simply reality. Do not fear though… One thing that will set your event apart is the guest experience. When planning, keep the guests in mind from the moment of their arrival, till right before they leave! Some ways to do this is to provide a welcome gift in their guest room with information about the city, the wedding schedule, and transportation details.  Perhaps even a hangover brunch invite!


A hangover brunch is a casual gathering where you and your groom can say proper goodbyes and possibly help your guests soothe their hangovers. This is also a great time to show your appreciation to the guests who traveled far for your big day.

To pull it off, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think simple with decor (possibly reuse decorations from the previous nights reception) and choose easy breakfast foods that everyone will love. Below are a few ideas to jump-start your brunch planning.


1) Location: One of the best locations for a morning after brunch is the hotel that which you are already staying. Look into the options for a private room if you have a large guest count.  If not, then simply reserve some tables in the hotel’s restaurant. This is not the time to ask everyone to travel to a separate location for brunch, and then travel home. Also, this is NOT the time to host a gathering in your suite if you cannot easily accommodate at least a fourth of your guests at one time. If you do host in your suite, make sure you have plenty of room away from the gathering space.  You and your groom will be exhausted from the previous days activities and you do not want banquet staff bothering you in your room bright and early to set up! Trust us, don’t do that to yourself!!!


2) Cost: The brunch can be a gift to the couple! If your parents have a dear friend or a family member that wants to do something special for you, but was not able to host a shower or party, this is a great place for that! Alternately, it can be paid for and included in the wedding budget.


3) Time: Keep it to two hours. Buffets and stations will be the best option because you want it to be a relaxed environment with a come and go feeling. With everyone having different travel plans, it is very difficult to have everyone stay for a set amount of time.


4) Menu: Get rid of the continental breakfast idea!!! No one wants to see a boring buffet with cold muffins and cereal, especially since there are easy alternatives. Talk to your caterer or hotel representative about some simple options. Even if you have to order off a generic menu, see what they can do to jazz up the presentation! Remember, this is your last chance to make a great impression, take advantage of this opportunity!



Want something a little different?

Maybe not the traditional buffet style meal?

Try stations!!!




Biscuit Bar!!!


Yogurt Bar!!!



Waffle Bar!!!




5) Beverages: Nothing is wrong with traditional beverage service, but if you have the opportunity to take it up a notch, why wouldn’t you? These bars will make a big statement and will leave your guests refreshed and impressed!


Mimosa Bar!!!



Bloody Mary Bar!!!



Coffee Bar!!!





6) Little things, big impact: This is your last chance to see your guests, make sure they remember their time with you! These make for a great travel kit too.


Hangover Kits!!!



Customized coffee cups!!!





First menu:

Second menu:

Third menu:

Fourth menu:

Fifth menu:

First station:

Second station: from

Third station:

First mimosa:

Second mimosa:

First bloody mary:

Second bloody mary:

Third bloody mary:

Coffee bar:

Both hangover pics:

Both coffee cup pics:

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