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Don’t Make the Same Mistake

Dont Scrub The Dress

If you are a fan of Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, you may remember the episode where a bride’s gown was stained and required repair the day before the wedding. The bridal boutique accused the us of getting makeup on the gown at the bridal shoot and later changed their story, saying it was pollen from the bride’s bouquet. (The bouquet didn’t have orange pollen.) When pressed, they finally gave in and brought in new fabric to reconstruct the lower half of the gown.

This was such a popular episode and there were two very important lessons learned later that didn’t make it into the show. First, the orange markings were in fact sewing machine oil. After the show, I had the same thing happen at a completely different bridal store. This time, we took the gown to a dry cleaner that confirmed our suspicions. The second interesting tidbit is that when the gown was originally stained by an errant sewing machine, the store scrubbed the fine silk with a brush in attempt to remove the discoloration. Never, ever do this; it only leaves a more noticeable mark. When the gown was being reconstructed, the seamstress apparently pricked her finger with a needle as she was nearing the end of the process and bled on the lower portion of the gown. What did she do? She scrubbed it again, having not learned her lesson from the previous issue. It once again left a horrible mark. Some people just never learn.

The salon that did all the accusing, continues to blame me to this day for the stain. I feel it’s important that if you make a mistake, just admit it. They have lost all credibility with me!

So, if you have a similar issue, test it for sewing machine oil. Don’t let anyone do to you what they did to us! If you are a wedding business, stand up for your product and don’t throw your client under the bus to save face. It will only prove to bite you where you sit!

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