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Ask Donnie – Breakfast Reception???



Dear Donnie,

Hi! my fiance and I are getting married in July. we decided that since we are paying for the wedding ourselves we dumped the steak and potato menu and are instead doing a breakfast! I know this seems like a silly question- but how can we make it more elegant? is their any way we can make pancakes classy?



Dear Fallon,

Thanks for your question. It is a good idea to address the type of food served in order to positively affect your budget. We have often done an early reception for this very reason. My suggestion is that you call it “BRUNCH” rather than “BREAKFAST”. This allows you to offer some items that are not exclusive to the breakfast menu and serve it a bit later than early morning. Perhaps a 10:30 AM ceremony and an 11:30 AM reception and wrap up by early afternoon. This should also create a significant array of discounts from your vendors and venue by allowing them to take on another event that evening. Regarding the pancake question, perhaps you try Belgium waffles or Sourdough French Toast instead. They are much nicer than plain old pancakes. I am wondering if you are serving alcohol at all. Perhaps you can serve Mimosas and Champagne only and create an incredibly elegant brunch atmosphere for a fraction of a dinner with a full bar.

Good luck to you both!


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