Your Own Personal Assistant

Have you ever wondered what a celebrity’s personal assistant does? Do they answer phones, scrub dishes, run errands? All of the above and more! I am so happy to announce my very good friend Rendee Bullard has launched a new company that can provide you with your own personal assistant for an hour, a day or whatever. She and her fab team can shop, plan a dinner party in your home, do research, service your car or any other of a multitude of tasks. You name it and they will handle if for you. You have heard the phrase that there is not enough time in the day. Go Go Me can take lots of things off your plate and make your life easier! My motto has always been to think smarter and not harder. So, give them a call and relax a little!

Go Go Me

Their services include but are not limited to:

beauty Health & Beauty
Hair, make up, wardrobe, fitness, nutrition and wellness services. Spray tans, nail jobs and anything else you may need to be YOU!
house management House Management Solutions
Supervision of home improvement estimates, coordinating contractors, moving services, lawn care, etc.
gogome service Service Scheduling
Spa service, doctor appointments, client meetings, golf outings, etc.
reminder General Errands
Grocery getting, prescription filling, mail gathering, flower picking, etc.
general errands Reminder & Calendar Services
Important dates, birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, etc. can all be muted and ignore on your smartphone.
Rendee cannot.
waiting service Waiting Services
For when you don’t have four hours to wait for the cable guy to maybe show up.
House and Pet Sitting House & Pet Sitting
No home is too big and no pet is too cuddly.
Reservations Reservations & Entertainment Services
Even if you don’t know where to stay or what to do, Rendee has the answers.
information services Information Services
Research whatever info you need, from applicant reference checks to why dogs turn around before lying down. Yes, more in-depth than Google.
Travel Arrangements Travel Arrangement Services
Transportation and lodging arrangement both here and abroad. Charter services are available too
Personal and Corporate Shopping Personal & Corporate Shopping
Forget your spouse’s birthday? Client making a surprise appearance at 3?
Call now.
Car Service Car Service
From doctor visits to airport shuttling and everywhere in between.
Special Events Special Events Coordination
Even events you may not think are special will feel that way with Rendee at the helm.
Vendor Referrals Vendor Referrals
Skip the 50 pages of bogus internet reviews and call Rendee
Holiday Party Holiday Party PlanningAt home or the office, Rendee knows how to party (in a good, professional way).

For more information about Go Go Me, call 214-997-4464 today!

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