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A Father Dilemma


Due to numerous reasons, I am having my uncle walk me down the aisle. I will be inviting my father, but have yet to tell him that he will not be walking with me. What should I do? My father has only been in my life 6 years and is NOT paying for the wedding. I don’t want to hurt feelings, but it is my day. Thanks for the insight.

Jean Hopkins

Hi Jean:
You summed it up in four words.  “It is my day!” This truly is the bottom line.  You really should be able to be walked down the aisle by whomever you want at your wedding.  Perhaps, there is some other honorary moment that you could include your father in?  Why not offer a father-daughter dance to him? I have found over the years that there can always a place for everyone you need to incorporate into the agenda.  Recently, I had a groom with two best men, however the couple had decided that with a small guest list, they only wanted one.  The second best man went on-line and got ordained so he could legally conduct the ceremony.  Be creative and show your father that there is a place in your heart for him as well as your wedding.  It just won’t be the processional.  I hope this helps.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.