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My wedding cake

Dear Donnie:
I am concerned about my wedding cake. We are scheduled for an outdoor September wedding and it is warm in Florida at that time of the year. The only real problem is the cake. Will it melt if the temperature is around 85 during the reception? I really need your advice. Love from your biggest fan.

Tabitha Fuentes

Dear Tabitha:
Thanks for getting in touch with me about your wedding. Your cake will likely not do well in that type of heat.  One option is to use fondant for the outer layer and that will help a lot.  Another option is to have your floral designer create a cake that is actually made of flowers or for your cake artist to use a fake for the reception and actually serve sheet cake from the bakery staged behind the scenes.  I have done both and have had success with these options. I hope your wedding goes well.

Best regards,