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How To Save On Wedding Costs

We all know the value of a dollar and everyone likes to get more bang for their buck.  As wedding planners, part of our job is to advise you on where you can reduce costs and maximize your dollar.  And that’s what we’re going to do today…  Here are some of the tips we tell our couples to help trim expenses:

1. Re-use the floral and decor from your ceremony space and have it carried over to your reception area. In a perfect world you could do both events in the same room with a cocktail hour for the room turn  this way all your precious ceremony dollars are utilized all night

2. By booking your ceremony and reception in the same location, you’ll pay less site fees.

3. Take time to do your research.  Before you meet a vendor, you should already know everything about them and have a list of pre-thoughtout questions for them when you arrive.

4. Get a good credit card that has points and 0% APR.  Expenses can add up and why not put them on a card where you can get interest-free for a little while. A card with miles is terrific. First class air for free for your honeymoon isn’t such a bad thing!

5.  If you’re going to local stationary company for your save-the-dates and invitations, they’ll often charge you to stuff and mail out the envelopes for you.  Why not get a few friends over who can help you stuff and stamp envelopes with you?  Make it a wine night.

6.  Search for fantasy floral designs by the big name designers and ask your decorator or planner if there is a way to create a more scaled down look within your budget.

7.  Bridal trunk shows are a great way to save money!  Sign up for some e-mail listings at your local bridal boutique stores and they’ll let you know when they have a few shows coming up.

8.  At the reception, during toasts, skip the champagne pass and let guests toasts with the drinks in their hand.  Just remind the DJ to make an announcement a few minutes beforehand incase any of your guests need a refill. There is champagne at most bars so if they want it, they can have it. But many people don’t drink it. So why force them to spend your money when they don’t really want it.

9.  Look for companies that do both photography and videography instead of going to two different vendors.  Often the companies that do both will have a discounted package deal.

10.  Stick with your budget!  With Pinterest out there, we’ve had brides get wrapped up in all the ideas and have to have everything.  They’ve ended up going way over budget! Hiring a good wedding planner can get you a lot more for your money. Let them be the ones who help you make your vision come to life.

11. Make sure you don’t let things slip through the cracks. Be certain you have considered every issue when you are developing your budget. This will keep you from having a lot of last minute expenses. A good planner will guide you the right way from the beginning.

11.  Lastly, hire that wedding planner!  I know it seems like an expense you don’t have to have. Believe me. You really do. Would you perform dental surgery on yourself? Would you rebuild the engine on your car? Certified planners know the ins-and-outs of the business and can negotiate contracts for you.  We’ve built relationships with vendors and do repeat business with them, as opposed to a newly engaged couple, who is probably a one-time business for them. So we have a lot more negotiating power than a bride and groom will.

What were some ways you cut costs on your event?!


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