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Invitation Essentials Part 2:

Your wedding invitations are the first impression of your big day that guests will receive, so why not make them extra special!!! This is your time to create the “WOW” factor!  The paper selection you choose will go a long way in setting the tone for the day. To make sure yours get noticed, customize your invitations with unique details like unexpected envelope liners, elegant calligraphy, and personalized stamps.


One way to incorporate your personality into the invitation is to include a brief rhyme or love story! If you are doing a destination wedding, don’t be afraid to theme it (keep it sophisticated and romantic)!

***It started with his smile, she said instantly she knew. Their love would be forever and now they’ll say, I Do!

***He said she was what was missing, she said instantly she knew. Save the Date and be there, when they say I Do!




Graphics: Photos can also be a great idea for invitations! But you might want to stick to graphics for the formal invitation and the cute snuggle picture for the Save the Dates!!! Looking for something sophisticated? Custom silhouettes are simple yet graphic. They can be used on anything from the invitations to the cocktail napkins and wooden drink stirrers.



Adding Interest: Layering the paper will add depth and interest to your invitations! This is one of many reasons to customize your printed-paper goods. One thing to think about is the more colors and patterns you add, the more expensive your invitation becomes per piece. Keep it to two solids and one pattern if at all possible. It is best for the envelope to be a different color than the main solid color of the invitation, that way it will be more visually attractive. It is a great idea to match the pattern within the invitation to the envelope liners! An envelope liner is one of those small details that make a BIG impact! It’s the very first thing your guests will see before they even have a chance to pull your invite from the envelope, so make it count! This could be a great spot for your love story or fun phrase too. It’s a unexpected detail that won’t be forgotten!!!



Value of Flat versus Shimmer paper: Yes, shimmer paper will be more expensive, but the formality that a touch of shimmer will bring will far outweigh the financial increase. We are NOT talking about glitter paper guys, just a subtle shimmer paper that can be used throughout your entire invitation! Either way, stick to one variety when buying in bulk to reduce extra costs.


Unusual size invitations:  Who does not love a formal square invitation? Keep in mind, an unusual size will need additional postage and you will not know the exact weight until the invitations are complete.  If you will be ordering personalized stamps, know that they will take a few weeks to be created and sent so plan accordingly. Have your invitation representative create a sample invitation to weigh for the correct postage. The last thing you want is your personalized stamp next to a general one!



Calligraphy: Having a calligrapher address your invitations is a no-brainer for us! You have worked hard to pick out your invitations and paid a pretty penny for them, do NOT choose a simple font and print on them, place a label on them, or ask friends with mediocre penmanship to address them at girls night!!! For an average of $5-7 per invitation, the calligrapher will address, stuff and send them. You NEVER have to worry about them.

Note: Some additional charges may be added for ink / color matching and assembly.



Embellishments: It is easy to add some charm to a simple invitation. A classic wax seal (that could be used for the wedding day programs as well) is a fabulous idea for a formal correspondence. Hosting a fall wedding? Enclose an autumnal leaf inside the envelope to add color and texture. One of our favorite things to do is add a simple rhinestone between the couple’s names for a hint of bling!!!  If you are including multiple pieces, think about wrapping them with leather cording, a satin ribbon, or a sheer strip with your monogram imprinted on it. Keep in mind, less is more when it comes to ornamentation, so pick a single element and keep it consistent throughout your wedding!



Happy Shopping!


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