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Things to avoid the week before your wedding!

We know how stressful that last week before the big day can be, but DO NOT go overboard and start making a lot of changes! The worst thing you can do is second guess yourself! This is not the time to overreact and try every overnight fix!

Plan… Plan… Plan…

In this blog, we have listed the top 20 things NOT to do the week of your wedding!


1) New hair color or color at all: We certainly understand the desire to have healthy, shiny looking hair. However, do not color it so close to the big day, you can never completely trust how it will turn out! Instead, ask your colorist if you can put a clear gloss on it to give it that amazing look! We suggest going in for your usual appointment 10-14 days before.




2) Drastic hair cuts: Trials and consultations are typically scheduled three months in advance. You will want to keep that style and length till at least the actual day! I suggest getting a Micro Trim (around a quarter of an inch) about a week before the wedding to trim off the frayed ends!



3) Alcohol: For something that you simply sip, alcohol carries a LOT of empty calories, be mindful how they add up! It can cause dehydration and also make you look and feel puffy due to it’s sulfur-bearing gases!

Decrease your consumption and increase your hydration the week before! You will thank us later!



4) Excess Caffeine: Relying on caffeinated beverages to get you through those long nights (as well as the long, last-minute detail-filled days) just adds fuel to the bad-for-you fire.

Caffeine is a stimulant, you’re already going to have a lot of anxiety and nerves to begin with so you don’t need to add to your stress!!!



5) Juice cleansing: If you are wanting to lose weight for the big day, you need to plan far in advance! It needs to be a consistent and healthy lifestyle that will lead to weight loss! Extreme diets and cleansings have their benefits, but they will also have a period of shock that your body will go through, it typically will not last long but still present. The last thing you want is a diet that will lead you to be fatigued right before your wedding. Weight loss is not an overnight project, if you need to, schedule a meeting with a dietitian and trainer and incorporate that into your wedding planning agenda! You can plan an incredible wedding, but if you’re exhausted and not confident, then it will prove to not be everything you had hoped!

Keep in mind too, it is better to lose the weight before your first dress fitting! Getting your gown altered every month can get very expensive!


6) A new work out: Keep in mind that a new workout such as burlesque dancing or running long distance for weight lose, if not led up to properly, will most likely leave you sore and uncomfortable on the big day!!! Stick to your usual routine or classes to be safe.



7) Spray tan booths: This is an absolute MUST! Even if you use the booths on a regular basis, if you choose to spray tan before you wedding, go to an expert to apply it! It would be horribly embarrassing to have an uneven tan or to turn orange. Orange doesn’t mesh well with white on wedding day!!!



8) Changing your make-up: Even though it is tempting to go shopping for new products, trust your make-up artist and the trial. If you were pleased with it then, you will be pleased on the actual day! The artist knows how to get you ready for HD video, professional cameras, personal camera phones, day light and candle light! Find the right artist and let them do what they do best!




9) Peels and Microdermabrasions: Some treatments can leave you red and eventually leave you with peeling skin! It’s perfect for a month before the wedding, but a very, very, bad idea the week of the wedding!!!



10) New-to-you skin products: If you do not know for sure how you will react, then DON’T try them!!! Some products will cause the impurities to come to surface and leave you with blemishes! Keep in mind, if you are close to your cycle on your wedding day, you might need some blemish treatment or spot corrector. Try these products weeks before!



11) All-Nighters: When we’re sleep deprived our bodies produce more ghrelin, the hormone that tells us when to eat, and less leptin, the hormone that tells us when to put down the fork. It’s a diet-destroying combo, especially if you’re reaching for junk food. Salty snacks make you bloat, not to mention the fact that eating foods with no nutritional value can leave you feeling sluggish.



12) All the DIY projects: For the sanity of yourself and those around you, do not wait until the last minute to assemble all of your DIY projects! You do not want to rush or get overwhelmed with your to-do lists! Try to delegate responsibilities to your family or bridal party if you need assistance! This is also where having a planner can make the wedding experience so much more enjoyable!



13) Hair removal / waxing: The week of your wedding, you are only going to want to “clean” up any areas, you do not want to wax or thread any facial hair!



14) Packing your honeymoon bag: This is the only exception to the one-week rule, you will want to pack the week of your wedding but do it as early as possible! Sure, you will not be able to pack your cosmetic bag, but you should be able to pack everything else! Get that out of the way and off of your list! This also decreases the chance of you forgetting something!



15) Travel Documents: It can take up to two months to get your passport if there are no discrepancies. Also, keep in mind that they cost on average $140 per passport! Apply or confirm the expiration date months before the big day!!!




16) Be rude / demanding to your bridal party! Yes, this is your big day but that does not give you the right to be overly demanding and rude! Remember, you still want to be friends with these people after the wedding!!!! Take time to enjoy your friends and have fun!



17) Do not wear shoes that could cause blisters! Yes, we all think of the shoes we will wear on the big day! But, if you get blisters from the rehearsal dinner shoes, that gorgeous pair that you planned to wear that next day might prove to be a little painful, and who wants to be wearing Band-Aids under their gown?!? Choose your shoes carefully the week of the wedding! This includes new tennis shoes as well!



18) Make sure that you do not have bra strap indentations, jewelry indentations or tan lines! This is especially important for the ladies wearing a strapless gown! You do not want exposed and unattractive lines with your beautiful gown! Also, if you wear your engagement ring, try taking it off for the few days leading up to the wedding. Your hand will be photographed during the ring exchange and you want it to be line-free!



19) Waiting until the last week to whiten your smile: It could take awhile for your teeth to get to your desired shade, so earlier you start, the better.  Avoid coffee, red wine, blueberries, high acidic food, black tea, dark-colored soda, tobacco products, popsicles, etc.




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