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“The average women falls in love 7 times a year, 6 times are with shoes.” – Kenneth Cole

The average women falls in love 7 times a year, 6 times are with shoes.

Kenneth Cole

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding weekend is the perfect finishing touch for your look! Remember, you need to choose shoes for the bridemaids brunch, rehearsal dinner,something for while getting dressed (please do not wear ugly flip-flops while getting dressed, especially if the photographer will be taking pictures during that time), ceremony/reception and the post-wedding brunch!!!!!

Just because they don’t have specific bridal collections doesn’t mean you can’t wear this season’s hot prospects of your favorite designer to your wedding. All brands are fair game!!!! Shoes don’t have to be the awful traditional white satin, but I recommend that brides stay within a certain color palette: ivory, nude, and fleshy colors for neutrality, metallic colors for added sparkle. If you must wear a colored shoe, make sure it compliments your skin tone, especially if you are wearing a dress that you can see the shoes at all times!

While choosing your wedding day shoes, keep in mind a few things, the length of your dress, formality of your venue, the season, location, color, height of your groom and comfort!!! We know… LOTS to think about, but let us walk you through shopping for the perfect shoes!!!

Tip #1: The shorter the dress, the more fabulous the shoes need to be (this is true for any event)!!!


Be prepared for your wedding shoe shopping adventure with stockings, fabric samples, wedding jewelry and list of shops to explore.

When trying on wedding dresses, take along shoes in a height similar to the shoes you’ll be wearing at the wedding.

***Purchase your shoes after you select your wedding dress but before your first fitting! ALWAYS wear those shoes during your fittings that way you know exactly what needs to be done.


Tip #2: Wedding on the Beach? Sure, walking down the aisle barefoot is cute, but you can’t go barefoot the whole time! Try something like this!

Consider the venue’s surface for selecting the best pair

This is another vital but often ignored tip. For example, if your wedding venue is on a beach, consider wearing strappy sandals with broad heels so that the heels do not sink into the grainy sand easily. Further, if the floor is slippery, then avoid a pair with sleek soles as the silky or shiny factor can impede an elegant walk down the aisle. Also, consider that path you will take to get to your ceremony.

Alright ladies, we need to talk about pedicures!!!! Every bride needs to get her nails done a day before the wedding, but this is especially true for a destination wedding! Be sure to remember that sand can sometimes mess up your piggies, so be familiar with the spa and bring the color you want from home to ensure that it will be the color you want! Same goes for your bridal party!

Tip #3: During a winter wedding, it is important to remember that it is proper to wear closed toe shoes! Think they are boring? Take a look at these!!!


Tip #4: Grooms Height! The heel height is completely up to the couple and how comfortable the groom is, if he is a shorter guy! It is not abnormal to see the couple at the same height or the bride to a little taller!

But if you need to wear a low or no heel, take a look at these options!



Tip #5: Do not forget about the rehearsal dinner shoes! This is where you can go crazy with bling, height and color!!!!

Whatever your selection, wear them well and have a blast. Remember, new shoes can be quite uncomfortable so don’t be afraid to have a comfy option under your reception table to slip on when your feet become throbbing nubs of fire!


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