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Southern Traditions Part II

7) The House Party: Along with our hair, our southern bridal parties tend to be bigger down here. Maybe the abundance of sorority sisters? Maybe a fear of being rude by not asking someone? Either way, its a fact of life!

Similar to the standard ‘attendant’ title, members of the house party are often assigned wedding day duties like managing the guest book, handing out programs, serving cake (if your venue doesn’t offer it), reading during the ceremony or just assisting the bride on her big day.

The feelings towards house parties are both positive and negative. Some feel that offering the position of house party is similar to making the JV team of bridesmaids. On the other side, for example, if you have a lot of childhood friends that you want apart of your big day, but do not talk to them often, this is a great place for them. Also, your brothers girlfriend that you adore but not enough to ask a bridesmaid? Once again, this is a great spot! Some house party members are not assigned any duties at all, but simply included because the bride wants to honor their relationship.


One thing to think about before asking your all of your girlfriends to be bridesmaids: How big is your altar? Do you have a budget to accommodate the bouquets, gifts etc… ? Will you fiance have a similar amount of groomsmen, and if not, will it bother you to have uneven sides?


No matter who you choose or how you choose them, you will eventually need to clothe them! We have some tips for you…