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Southern Wedding Traditions Part 1

2) The Handkerchief: Early farmers thought a bride’s wedding tears were lucky and would bring them rain for their crops. Later on in history, a crying bride meant that she would never shed another tear about her marriage again.

The “Hankie” remains a time honored tradition in the south.

Today, wedding handkerchiefs are often passed down from mother to daughter, making a sweet family heirloom.




Some current trends to incorporate hankies into your big day:

* Have them monogrammed with a personal message for each parent or someone special. We adore the gesture of embroidering the handkerchiefs with a personal notes from the bride to her parents, bridesmaids or flower girls.

*It also is a lovely idea to have handkerchiefs on hand for your guests and family to use on your wedding day.  We have seen weddings where vintage handkerchiefs have been collected from various places, cleaned and steamed and presented in baskets at the ceremony for guests to take and keep as wedding favors.  You could also have them embroidered with your wedding date if you wanted to add an extra personal touch.

* Give personalized ones to your bridesmaids and let them walk down the aisle with them whole holding the bouquet.