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Great Gatsby Inspiration

Here at Donnie Brown Weddings and Events, we have been inundated with requests for a popular new theme. The Great Gatsby craze, has us inspired to gather and share some inspiration that will take your event from just a 20’s theme party, to a Gatsby-worthy event! So, get out the flapper dress and champagne flutes, we are going to travel back to the Jazz Age with our collection of inspiring images and thoughts.


First, set the mood for your snazzy soiree with the right invitation! DO NOT EMAIL! Use a font that will suggest that the event will be a formal affair, possibly a metallic colored ink for texture! Maybe an ivory paper with rose gold ink? Or dark charcoal paper with light silver ink? This is your first opportunity to set the expectations for your event! Take your time and choose something elegant!


The Brides Dress… Vintage meets modern!

A new look for Bridemaids? We think YES!!!!

Why not be a flapper and a bride? This would be adorable for a send off dress!


One of our favorite hair wedding hairstylists, James DeFrange of Pura Vida Salon in Dallas notes: I love the New Rage for Gatsby hair. Especially for Weddings! However the look is not what the design teams in my industry created for the 2014. In fashion week Milan at end of 2013 we were exposed to a lot of grunge, gothic mixes with a touch of glamour.. Its in the Glamour catagory we see the gatsby looks manifesting. Its important however that we acknowledge true skill sets hairstylist from the twenties possessed. If any of them were to time travel to see these looks on our actresses today they would laugh at the sad attempt of hairdressing. Our products and techniques have evolved since the twenties. Tho the Gatsby Wedding hair elegantly screams 1925, the looks we are seeing are influenced so much by today’s fashion, that when done well, its truly 2014!


Let us not forget about the Groom and Groomsmen!


For the reception, incorporate a few WOW pieces!


The “Great Gatsby” was set during the Prohibition era, but that did not prevent liquor from flowing freely at Jay Gatsby’s night parties!!!

A new take on a typical champgane pass.


Let us not forget the whiskey and cigars!



And finally, the grand exit! How lovely is this!!!


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