Scream At The Phone

What is going on in this world? I cannot seem to figure it out. People have gotten less and less courteous to one another. Have you noticed? How many people have you phoned and left a message for and received no response at all? Days and days go by and nothing! It’s not like you had anything important to say. You left them a message just to fill up their virtual voice mail box and not to actually communicate with them. And, it’s not like they actually have to phone you back. There is texting, emailing; even a tin can on a string….. JUST RETURN YOUR DAMNED MESSAGES! And don’t blame your phone, your service provider or the fact that Mercury is in retrograde. We’ve heard that before… over and over and over again!

Have you ever posted a message on Facebook or other social media service and had someone you’ve never heard of before who is a friend of a friend of a friend respond and attack you? Who are they to attack you for something that you said to someone else and not them? I can’t tell you how many times I have blocked people who I have never met before because of their awful comments based on ignorance and hatefullness. People have learned to hide behind their computer monitors and say the most ghastly things. Obviously they would not say these things in person. They use the shield of their computer and distance to act this way. GET A LIFE!

Have you sent out invitations to an event and people never RSVP’d and then showed up anyway? Or RSVP’d and then bailed and never showed up at all or even called? I THINK THAT’S JUST OUTRAGEOUS!

How often are you driving and in a hurry to get somewhere? You are moving along and your lane slows down. You change lanes and someone in a beat-up minivan slows down right in front of you. And, not because they have anyone in front of them. They do it just to keep you from getting ahead in their lane. Then, the next lane frees up and you change lanes and the minivan speeds up again just because you aren’t behind them anymore. I guarantee if you get behind them again they will slow down once more! I am starting to understand road rage.

Have you gotten a contract from a company for goods and services and decided to go another direction? Guess what? They are expecting you to communicate with them. If you decide not to work with them at least send them an email stating that fact. They can release their date and take you off their plate. It is just a matter of common courtesy! I cannot stress this enough. Try to be kind and considerate in your dealings both personal and professional.

The bottom line here is that we all occupy this small planet. Let’s be courteous to one another and make life a little better. If you open a door in front of someone else… hold it open for them. Maybe they will pay it forward. I prefer a little courtesy in my day. How about you?!?

It’s all about conduct and the choices we make!

Source: New feed