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Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

On Therapist's Couch

Have you ever wondered what might happen if your blood sugar bottomed out due to the stress of the wedding day?  What about if you broke a nail, or your shoe heel, or even the zipper on your gown? It happens. Weddings and “Murphy’s Law” are synonymous and must be considered carefully when preparing for your big day. If you have hired a wedding planner, they are likely to have most anything you might need, just in case. If you are going it alone, remember that preparations are key to a successful wedding day. Be ready for any issue that might and probably will arise.

Let’s start with the health items. Do you have occasional headaches brought on by allergies or stress? A small amount of Advil or Tylenol should be readily available. It is your time of the month? I need not tell you what is necessary for this in case Aunt Helen arrives early.

Do you have allergy issues? Perhaps you should have Allegra or Zyrtec with you and even some Benadryl or an epipen. While you’re at it, you might add in some Valium to your bag. You never know if you might need some relief….. from your new mother-in-law or an unruly bridesmaid. If you have dietary issues that require certain things, make sure you are prepared. If you need to eat every three hours, make sure there is a protein bar in your bag or whatever else you might require. Carrot and celery sticks are the best for a quick snack. Oh, alright… throw in a candy bar or two as well. Protein on wedding day is critical too. You need energy to hold up to the rigors of the day.

Hydrate, hydrate hydrate… Make sure you are continually drinking water. I’m not suggesting you drink enough to bloat, but just to make sure you don’t faint on the altar.

You will need a needle and thread to repair any gown or other formalwear issues. Or perhaps sew someone’s mouth shut if they get on your nerves! While you’re at it, throw in some double side tape, super glue, an extra earring back, safety pins, straight pins, etc. etc. etc.

Don’t even consider going to the church without an extra pair of panties and other under things. Remember that an ill-timed shart could send you sauntering down the aisle commando if you are not prepared. NOT a pretty picture! Not to mention that someone may have to get up under your gown to bustle for you.  Pretty, clean panties are a must. Believe me, I know…. I KNOW!!!!

Bring several of your favorite lipstick and gloss shades with you. A heavy handed makeup artist could color you outside the lines with a shade of red that should have been left only to the imagination and not on your lips. While you’re at it, just throw your whole makeup kit in. You just ever know.

Make sure you have a makeup mirror, a full length mirror, a box of tissues, clean towels, a steamer, an iron and an air conditioned dressing room. An oscillating fan can also be a life-saver.

I know much of this list seems pretty elementary, but an unprepared bride will find she needs things that are not at her fingertips exactly when she needs them. Don’t be that bride. Be prepared for any possibility. You will be happy and your family and friends will not be running to the WalMart every five minutes leading up to the ceremony! Most of all, have fun. Prepare in advance and stay happy on what is the biggest day of your life! Good Luck!

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