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It is no secret that fashion dictates and sets the tone of things to come; trends to mimic and of course, colors with which to RUN RUN RUN!  As a wedding and event planner, it goes without saying that my underlying title is-designer. Through this rewarding, yet challenging field, I have been fortunate enough to play a hand in designing luxe dinnerware and, who knows, that may lead me to exploring designing couture event furniture, and maybe some linens too. Please understand my intention in bringing this up is merely to say that when you are a designer in one arena, you are not limited by that alone. Instead, it is here that you can branch out into other areas of design.

First and foremost, my thoughts are on color! Can you have an event with no color? Of course you can. But, what fun can color be?

Image via: weddingstylemagazine

Color is by far the most important component to any design element. As we get ready to fall back into another crazy and wonderful wedding and event season, I thought it best to give you a sneak peak of things to come, color-wise in 2012. Per the Pantone Color Fashion Report, spring 2012 will favor tangerine/tango as the first the color of choice. What does this mean for you, the one planning/designing an event? Utilize this hue to the utmost and don’t apologize.

Image via: iheartweddingdress

Adding a pop of color by way of shoes always does the trick without fail! Red bottoms are still turning heads wherever you go. I have a hunch you wouldn’t mind wearing a pair yourself now would you – especially these chartreuse beauties?!? Green, margarita, to be exact, which is a piquant yellow-green, which came spiraling onto the Pantone color list for the upcoming year.

Image via:weddingstylemagazine

Bellflower, which is a plant adorned by bell-shaped flowers that are usually purple is the next color of choice. ‘The Color Purple’, no pun intended, represents authority or privilege so, if there was ever a time to state your ranking, it would be at your wedding/event using this powerful hue. Incorporating purple lighting against white drapes is one way to implement the color, versus using actual purple florals as was so beautifully done in the above image.

Whatever color you choose, beit from the chart below or from your childhood dream, make the most use of it. And, when everyone is trying to steer you differently, tell them Donnie said it was alright to spray your choice all over the place. Paint it to your heart’s content Dahling!

Image via: Pantone