Wedding Scams


Has everyone been getting bombarded with wedding scams lately? They are driving us crazy.

They usually come in with London addresses and have no phone number; only email for correspondence. They attempt to select a high priced package and then want us to charge their credit card in full for the package amount and then additionally for thousands of dollars, which they usually say is for us to pay to a travel agent, or insurance company, for the client’s wedding guests.

Now, the first thing that any wedding professional should know is that charging a credit card and then wiring money to a third party is a very good way to get financially ruined. I assure you that once you wire that cash, they will charge back the card and you will get left holding the bag for the out-of-pocket cash, plus the time you have invested in the issue.

Has this happened to you too? If it does, run, run, run for your life. It is definitely a scam and these people should be prosecuted. Why doesn’t everyone else in the world start working hard for their income, as opposed to taking advantage of others in the most underhanded ways? Keep your eyes out for this – it is happening all the time. We have gotten hit with this kind of scam over thirty times in the last year, including four in the last two months.

Don’t fall for it!