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Color Quandary


Hi Donnie, I am trying to start planning my wedding and already I have a snag in the most basic area…. the color…. I like pink and my fiance likes red. Is there anyway to put those 2 colors together and create something beautiful without it being to loud or garish for a wedding??? I was also thinking of throwing in black, white, and silver… but I am stuck! Please Help!

Shayna Thompson

Hello Shayna:
Why don’t you try a pink to red palette since they all work together and come from the same general color family.  Use the palest pinks through the soft ones, the mediums, the rich warms, to the hot pinks and then on to touches of  deep red tones. Stay away from Chinese or brick reds. Look at a black Magic Roses to get your red color.  I have done this before and it can make for a beautiful scheme.  You just don’t want too much bright red mixed in as it will overwhelm the softer tones.  You can add in silver in the centerpiece containers but beyond that I would leave it alone.  A lot of people will be dressed in black so that will be enough of that.  You will be a vision in white or some variation thereof and that should take care of that.  Use pale pink linen and the range of pinks to rich reds in the flowers and you should be fine.  I hope this helps!

Good luck!