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Question about linen


Hello, and first of all, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since the first time I saw you on Whose Wedding, years ago. I’m a 26 y/o voice/opera student at UMSL, who happens to also be a floral school grad (02) and a NOVICE wedding planner. I’ve been asked by my brother/fiance and also my best girlfriend to do the honors of singing, planning, and doing the floral for both weddings. I’m fairly confident in my imagination, talents, knowledge, and the little experience that I have. However, being new to the industry, and wanting to create the most amazing events possible, I’m clueless where to go for nice linens on a budget. I’m well aware that nice pin-tucks and velvets and such are $30-50 a piece for 120″rounds. I’m looking for a lovely truffle or chocolate for the fall 09 wedding and either silver, black, or navy (royal) for my spring 09 deco wedding. Both couples are paying for their own weddings and neither can afford the going rate. Any ideas? Suggestions? I saw your 60’s-Vegas-Gerbera-Daisy wedding on the show, and that royal pin-tuck is exactly what I need. The mother of the bride, as you know, was very concerned about price and you seemed to really please her. Please help! I love these guys and want to give them both amazing, unique, and elegant events from this novice planner! Thanks so very much for your time.

Brendan Lally

Hi Brendan:
Thank you for getting in touch.  Try BBJ Linen.  You can reach them at They are located in Chicago but ship nationwide. Look at their Espresso Bichon. It is terrific. Good luck and keep watching the show.We are just finishing the filming of season nine and I have three episodes this season!