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When should I set my RSVP date prior to the wedding?

Dear Donnie,  You are my favorite wedding planner, ever!  My question is; how far in advance of the wedding should I date my invitations for the RSVP response deadline?


Annie; Melbourne, Australia

Dear Annie,
Traditionally, it has been the rule of thumb to set your deadline for RSVP’s for two weeks prior to the wedding date.  I have found over the years that many people, whether it be their busy schedules or what have you, tend to drag their feet and miss the deadline.  Therefore, I always suggest that you make the deadline one month prior to the wedding.  It gives you a little more security in knowing you might just have your count in on time and can share that with the caterer, florist, etc. so that they can get their job done for you effectively.

Happy Wedding!!!