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Celebrity Wedding Rings

We simply cannot get enough of our favorite stars. The people, their body of work, their lives… and today a look at their wedding rings. If you are getting engaged, perhaps you can draw inspiration from one of these and find something similar in your price range. BEYONCE 18K Flawless diamond ring set with a … Keep Reading

Celebrity Weddings of 2011 – A Year in Review

All you hear about in December is the best of what happened that year! So now that 2011 is completely over and 2012 has begun let’s reflect on those FABULOUS weddings that glammed up 2011! Shania Twain & Fred Thiebaud (January 1, 2011) Shania Twain & Fred Thiebaud married on a beach in Puerto Rico … Keep Reading

My Kim Kardashian Wedding Predictions vs Reality

  Image via: people The American ‘Royal Wedding’ has come and gone. Yes, I’m referring to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding held this past weekend. In March, I made some wedding predictions for the OK March issue and today, I want to check off on what did become a reality for the reality starlet. … Keep Reading


  Math is all about grasping and applying formulas but, if it were that easy, then, we would all be excellent mathematicians.  You may not know that I, Donnie Brown, descended from the same bloodline as Einstein. Okay, so it’s wishful thinking but, math was my forte and being the genius that I am, LOL, … Keep Reading

Rest in Piece Dixie Carter

  Rest in Piece Dixie Carter I will miss my friend Dixie Carter. Dixie, best known for her liberal spitfire role on Designing Women in the 80’s and early 90’s passed away on Saturday from complications from cancer while in Houston. I first met Dixie in the mid 90’s and was first struck by her … Keep Reading