Venetian Light – A Collection Takes Shape – Liancarlo

Elegant Bride in Old Blue Brocade Room

We wanted to share with you this video from one of our favorite wedding gown designers, Liancarlo. His ability to blend traditional styles with current trends is incredibly unique. Here’s what Carlos had to say about the video: “A year ago we put together “The Gown Unveiled” which dealt primarily with the life of one gown from start to finish, showing how it was designed and literally constructed in our workroom. This video has a slightly more personal take—it shows how a collection develops from my ideas and influences, and how that is molded into the final pieces that make the cut. It’s about taking inspiration from life, the same way one would in art, but applying it to fashion. It is about the collection as a whole and the creativity that sparks it.” Enjoy!

We are very excited to have one of our special brides wearing Liancarlo for her June wedding this year!
You can find Liancarlo gowns at Neiman Marcus Bridal.

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